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Nowadays modern life is creating more and more specialised jobs, often in stressful big cities, away from nature. The consequence is that the human being is often unbalanced due to his specific activity.
Shiatsu, by normalizing the vital energy of the patient, thus creates conditions for the organism to eliminate the disease through its proper ways.
That's why it's an effective therapy for most and various dysfunctions. However, we have to know that if Shiatsu can help in a lot of cases, it cannot cure all things. Since Zen Shiatsu is usually very soft and respects the body of the patient, almost all conditions are suitable for this kind of Shiatsu. It can also be used as a complementary method in a serious sickness for example.
The main goal of Shiatsu is to prevent the effects of stress and all its consequences (sleep, digestion, psychic tensions, low energy, muscular and joint problems.).

All problems come from a bad adaptation of our body with the environment, illness is a response to this bad adaptation, if shiatsu does not eliminate directly the symptoms (which are sometimes necessary), it helps the body to cure it by itself.
Without speaking of specific problems, the most beneficial effects of receiving a correct Shiatsu are the following ones:

- It's a simple and natural way of healing which encourages us to trust in our nature
- It brings a letting go moment, to come back to the here and the now.
- It helps us to be in touch with ourselves, to see clearer about our condition and our deep desire, to retrieve spontaneity and intuition
- It balances body and mind, It's a direct, honest and sincere communication from people to people without any technical instrument, competition or judgement

Regular and consistent shiatsu treatments can become an important aspect of preventive health care as well as treatment for existing symptoms.

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