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Zen Shiatsu uses the Chinese medicine theory and works mainly on the meridians and specific Tsubos points (like acupuncture).
The session may begin with a specific oriental diagnosis from the back or the Hara. The important point is to find the imbalance according to the energetic distortion (Kyo/Jitsu theory ),the practitioner works essentially on specific meridians to balance the vital energy, and pay more attention on the 'empty' parts, (That's why, Zen Shiatsu is often not painful).

Particularities of the pressure in Zen Shiatsu are the following ones:

- Done from the Hara and in mindfulness (to be here and now)
- Perpendicular (not wound the body)
- Slow and sustained
- Done with two hands

All these particularities encourage a deep relaxation at different levels and stimulate the natural capacity of healing. Stretching and manipulation can also be done.
In ancient oriental point of view all sickness come from an energy stagnation (physical or mental), Shiatsu treatment activates the circulation of Ki (vital force).
From a western physiological and scientific point of view, mainly, Shiatsu mainly relaxes the Autonomic nervous system and helps blood and lymph circulation but, of course it's a basic explanation.

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