The session lasts around one hour, the receiver remains clothed and is lying on a mat. Zen Shiatsu is not painful at all, although the pressure is adapted to the patient and his condition. Quite often, the receiver falls in a kind of sleep during the session, with a sensation of well being, releasing physical and mental stiffness. This is the first, but important, stage in the way of healing.
Usually during the first session, a general shiatsu is done. It's a kind of global diagnosis, allowing the practitioner to learn more about the receiver. The following sessions (if the period between them is not too long), are specific according to the patient's condition.

2 locations in Paris :

  • Dojo Iokai, Bd des Batignolles 75017. 2 minutes from Villiers Station (Metro 2 and Metro 3)
  • In the Centre of Paris in front of the Luxembourg Garden 75005 4 minutes From the Luxembourg station (RER B)

  • 60 euros for one session (about 1 hour)
  • 160 euros for 3 sessions ( 53 euros / session)

Zen Shiatsu Paris

Zen Shiatsu Paris

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